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Sales Promotion Through Roadshow

Sales Promotion Through Roadshow

To survive in the business world, one needs to be a step ahead. To have the edge over competitors. In Kenya, the economy is market-based. It merely means that supply and demand guide the decision process. For example, pricing, investment, production, and distribution. Hence the products and services of any business have to be in demand.

According to a report by Nielsen Holdings, a global measurement and data analytics company, the current economy reveals weaker business retail in Kenya. Hence the prospect of robust growth of a business may be hurt. As a business owner in Kenya, to avoid the menace is equal to brand awareness.

One tested, verified means of brand awareness is marketing. The two integral parts of marketing are advertisement and promotion. They both help in reaching the potential consumer and create some reaction in them — the goal is buying the product or service, like having vans for hire.

Why advertise ?

In Kenya, one advertised product over time is Colgate. With years, there have been different ads, especially on television. All creating awareness of the different brands of Colgate. The results have been positive.

A study by GeoPoll reported that Colgate dominates 59% of the country’s market. The results are despite increased competition. But one essential investment the company has continued making is brand awareness. They achieved top-of-mind awareness where Colgate is the first product most consumers remember when thinking of toothpaste.

Secondly, there were times in Kenya; omo was the name identifying all detergents. It was a household name detergent. The promotion was intentional. But with time, we have seen less of the brand awareness. Other detergent brands have picked up space.

The two are perfect examples of the impact of promotion and advertisement with brand awareness it translates directly to sale increase. They boost customer loyalty. Consumers are compelled to make a recommendation to other users. Hence all business, start-ups, medium, or established need creative and catchy adverts.

Means of Advertising in Kenya

There exist different means of brand awareness. There are both visual and audio forms of marketing. In advertising, the advertiser pays and controls the message. The avenues used include;

  • Radio and television

Broad audience coverage. It depends on the time of airing or best-suited programs.

  • Newspaper and magazines

Reach local audiences in a particular niche. Always colorful with some whole page, half page, or a small advert. Brochures and fliers also accompany the local daily or the magazine.

  • Internet

The latest sensation in marketing. It has paid ads and organic search results. It covers social media and digital advertising, for example, Search engine optimization and pays per click ads.

  • Signs and Billboards

Mostly on busy highway or roads, billboards reach travelers. Posters are on vehicles, lawns, placards, and buildings.

  • Direct mail

Through email or text message. Potential buyers sign up for a subscription via email. Or text message via the mobile number.


Referred to as mobile advertising. It combines both audio and visual modes of marketing. The distinct character is brand awareness is carried to the location of the prospect client. In Kenya, roadshows are worth the investment for any business.

With roadshows, vehicles are involved. The mode of marketing is considered versatile. One because it combines communication and transport. Second, the advertisement has a targeted location.

Below are the reasons why roadshow is worth investment. How they improve brand awareness and how they can help improve the business in Kenya?

Here are ways a business will gain from roadshows in Kenya;

Target Market

With roadshow, the marketing is for the target consumer. The products or services are on a mobile business card. The other means of product promotion lack that edge.

For example, in the rural areas of Kenya, television, magazines, newspapers, billboards, and the internet may not be viable. But a business may take a roadshow truck, brand it, install the PA system, and other forms of entertainment and drive to the location.

It may be a remote area, but transport will get there. The brand will be advertised and hit the target market. There will be a conversion of sales with time.

Secondly, with the target market, the location may be specified. The business premises exist in a particular area. Hence as the business owner, the target market is in a specific place. Therefore, the roadshow will be a cost-effective option compared to the other means of marketing.


With roadshow, the product or service is for real people. It is no longer an ad on-air or print media. The message is to interested people who are expecting to hear it. It is not an ad that is disrupting a popular show.

 With roadshows, there are demonstrations of the products. There are freebies and sample products that leave the target client with the product.

For instance if a service is offered on a location, for example, registration or maintenance. Hence the feedback from the prospect client is instant. As a business owner, one will be able to analyze how the product or service is doing in the market. One will be able to make the necessary changes if need be in the future.


The cost is effective with a target location and generally compared to other forms of advertisement. Remember, as a creative business owner, one can draw and print the eye-catching graphics materials. Secondly, the hiring of the vehicle, dancers, and PA system is without the involvement of an agency.

With such no extra cost, roadshows may be a cost-effective means of product marketing. The roadshow is also during the day with no issues of prime times. As long as the vehicle is moving or in a strategic location, the message is being passed.


Roadshow trucks can be driven to any location. It can also be driven and stationed at a specific place. Remember, the vehicles have eye-catching graphics like banners and also include audio information. The two are hard to ignore. The prospect client will automatically get a glimpse. Hence roadshows create high rates of retention when it comes to brand awareness.

In conclusion, as a business owner in Kenya, the roadshow will put your business on the wheel. The capabilities of your product and service are demonstrated. Prospect clients will interact with your business. Sales will increase. And what is a business with no sales?

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