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Roadshow Trucks In Kenya

Roadshow Trucks In Kenya

What To Look For When Hiring a Roadshow Truck In Kenya

In the late ’90s and early 2000, millennials can recall roadshows trucks events. The events were in villages and towns. The target was to advertise different products from companies. The event highlight was music, dancing, and fun games and gift hampers for the winners.

Currently, roadshow trucks advertisement is for products, shows, political campaigns, government campaigns, and used in events. The loud booming music and dancers are the key feature. In an event, roadshow trucks can be podiums or even point of entertainment.

Nothing much has changed when it comes to the roadshow. Primarily, the target is to increase traffic concerning the product or service. There has only an adaption to new trends. Organizations still prefer them for mobile advertising. They deliver the target message on the move to the target clients. Clients can also react to the message instantly. For example, a roadshow advertising a show will give out tickets and allow the interested in buying tickets.

Why Roadshow trucks for Promotion

Roadshow trucks deliver transportation and communication. Hence they are considered to be versatile. On the road, the promotion is through different avenues. They will have fliers and brochures, audio presentations, sampling of the products, giveaways, and some even sell the product promoted. On top, there is the branding of the trucks, hence mobile advertising.

With roadshow trucks, the promotion is the real product to real people. As an organization, the feedback will be instant. For example, in a campaign that encourages registration, people can register immediately. Hence the impact of the product can be measured at the end of the day.

The roadshow trucks are spacious and come with different sizes. They are customized to give space for sticking branding materials. The materials are relevant and in the right context. A picture speaks a thousand words. Hence the trucks can be termed as mobile business cards. The image of the promoted product is stuck with the client.

Lastly, roadshow truck promotion is cost-effective, especially with a specific location in mind. It will be driven to the area one is targeting. The roadshow truck will also increase brand awareness and name recognition of a brand.

Roadshow Trucks and Advertisement in Kenya

With time the mode of brand activation evolved. A critical distinction of roadshow trucks is they carry the message to the physical location of prospect clients. Other forms of advertisement like television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and currently social media deliver the message via another channel.

As an organization in Kenya considering promotion through roadshow trucks here are some few ideas on what to look for;

Roadshow truck

It is the first item on the list. There can’t be a roadshow with no truck. Is the truck customized to your needs? Is it spacious enough? Is it in good condition?

Most companies renting out or leasing the roadshow trucks will have a variety. The pricing depends on the size and the model. One may opt for a late model rather than the old model’s trucks.

The information for the roadshow truck is made available. And with due diligence, one gets an excellent roadshow truck.


All vehicles need insurance for operation. It is good to note that a roadshow truck is a public vehicle. It will carry other passengers during the promotion period.

One should not turn a blind eye to insurance when hiring one. Is the insurance up to date? Will it expire in the course of the contract? Does it cover all parties involved? Who pays for the insurance? Before settling for a truck, the mentioned is verified.


In any business dealing, a written agreement is mandatory. Many assume the need for one due to acquaintance and friendship. But in the roadshow truck leasing and hiring, a written contract is significant for any eventuality.

As always said, lack of preparation is waiting for failure. With a written contract signed by both parties and in the presence of a third party, all parties avoid future confrontations.

With roadshow truck contract in Kenya some of the relevant clauses to be covered include;

  • Duration of the contract.
  • Distance and area to be covered.
  • Operation hours of the truck.
  • Any extra charges that may arise.
  • The rules and expectations of the owners when it comes to maintenance.
  • Charges on any extra days.
  • Any discount or bonus given.


With roadshow trucks, there are several regulations from different sectors of the government. Remember the advertisement involves audio presentations and trend music which can be noise pollution. There are permissible levels of noise pollution.

One of authority to get a permit from is NEMA.  Under the Prevention and Control rules, 2005, for excessive noise, the body issues a permit. The County Government issues the permit. The process was devolved.

Hence one needs to visit the Noise Pollution Unit found in county and sub-county offices.

Second is the advertisement fee. The County Government also levies it for any form of outdoor advertising. With the roadshow truck, audio presentations are a necessity. Hence the necessary permit is required before embarking in the promotion.

Roadshow trucks are identified with the banging trendy music. For music, the permit is from the Performers Rights Society of Kenya. They give event permits. One needs to visit their office and pay for the roadshow.

It is essential to be on the right side of the law. The roadshow event may be distracted in case of a lack of the above permits. For roadshow trucks in Kenya, the above are a requirement.


For roadshow success and to pull the crowd, entertainment should be top-notch. One should carefully pick the dancers, MC, performing guest, and the PA system.

The PA system has to deliver sound with clarity and definition. Choosing the perfect system will be guided by the size of the audience, how much you want to invest, and how portable the system will be. A sound PA system will attract attention — the right focus for promotion.

Dancers and the MC are for entertainment. To attract the crowd, dancers exhibit excellent dancing skills in relevance to the promotion. The performing guest is mostly a musician, local comedian, or even a radio presenter. He or she should identify with the crowd and also the product.

The MC should be able to keep the crowd entertained and, most importantly, all pass the promotion message.

For success in roadshow truck in Kenya, the above will ensure your success.