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How to Win Crowd in Roadshow

How to Win Crowd in Roadshow

So you have decided to hire a roadshow truck for your product promotion?Let us see how we can work out the crowd and get a good response.

A roadshow is a mobile advertisement. Taking the products and services on a wheel to the prospective clients. The success of any roadshow mark is high retention of the brand to the people.

Most consumers do not like any form of marketing. The general feeling is they feel nagged. But despite the negative response, we cannot live without it. Products and services promotion or advertisement is a whole industry. It helps the economy thrive.

As a newbie or an established business, there may be an option of trying out roadshows. The primary consideration will be delivering the appropriate advertisement to the target people.

With roadshow, it is the less intrusive means of advertisement. But it attracts a lot of attention at any given time. The target clients usually welcome it.

Roadshow Scenario in Kenya

It is a mobile advertisement. Hence it involves trucks that are well branded. Branding represents the product on promotion. Branding helps in increasing brand awareness.

With roadshows in Kenya, the vehicles move from one area to another, specific location are covered during the day. Despite the movement, there are areas where the car stops for a limited period. The stops allow interaction between the product promoters and the prospect clients.

Music is the next identification. And with music, we are referring to popular songs. That one song that is currently on top of the charts. A variety of popular songs. Different genres to be played from time to time.

With music, there should be clarity. The sound has to be loud enough. But within the allowed limits by the authority. Remember, with roadshows, audio is the selling aspect.

A crew of dancers or performance guests for entertainment is next. Music is not enough. It should be accompanied by dancing. Kenyans love dancing or seeing dancers. And performance attracts a crowd when the roadshow makes a stop.

Described are the necessity of a roadshow. But one may be in a dilemma on how to pull a crowd. Remember, a crowd in a roadshow is essential. It constitutes of the prospects clients. Those are the people the promoters need to make an impression to.

Otherwise, it will be a futile chance. Here are some ideas on how to pull a crowd for the roadshow;

PA System

Need one with clarity and is dependable. Sound is key. It is for the music being played to attract the crowd. And secondly, clear sound for communication with the crowd.

Less strain when it comes to communication will ensure the message is delivered. With roadshow, audio is a must. One engages with the crowd one on one through the MC.


Ranges from music, the dancers, and the performance guest. The music has to trendy and captivating. The crowd will assemble quickly as they sing the lyrics along.

The dancers should exhibit excellent dancing skills. They should be in relevance to the theme of the product on promotion. And the moves should be captivating enough to leave the spectators with a memory. The memory will be associated with the product promoted.

With roadshow, there is an extra performance from a guest. The guest can be a celebrity musician, actor, actress, comedian, or a radio host. For example, if planning a roadshow for rural ideas, identify one guest communicates with the local dialect.

The crowd thronging to identify with the performance guest is massive. A good example is radio roadshows held by local dialect stations. From the pictures, the shows are usually a hit with the people. They can pull the crowd. But the critical guest is the presenters or musicians. And importantly, those identifying with the local dialect.

MC for any roadshow success is critical. A person who is witty and can keep the people engaged. One who involves crowd participation through different games. With a good MC pulling a crowd should be an easy task.

Branding Materials

With the banners stuck on the truck to the freebies given away, branding is vital. It creates brand awareness. It makes the clients identify with your product or service.

The colors of the brand are essential. Psychologically states that color help in familiarity and trust by eliciting the right moments. Hence colors should cut across even to the logo. To create the right impact of the product.

With branding, there are freebies. They will create awareness of the product. They range from small things like pens, t-shirts, notebooks, mugs, drinking glasses, or products on promotion. Roadshow giveaways can have even buy one get one free. Freebies attract the crowd. Everybody loves winning. And after all, who doesn’t love free products.


Remember, with the roadshow; products are for target location. The selected location population should be well populated. With a good population, the target audience reached will be broad. Same with the stopovers of roadshows, they are  held in the populated area.

If an area has people, then pulling a crowd will be easy. It will be a walk in the park. Hence when targeting crowd, also targets areas with a good population — for example, open-air markets, bus terminals, shopping centers.


Roadshows are versatile. They can be held all day long as they are mobile. But there are times when pulling a crowd is much more comfortable. For instance, in urban areas where a lot of people are employed, the announcement can be made throughout the morning and afternoon. The stopovers for such areas may do well in the late afternoon, evening, or over the weekend. Most people are free by then and will gladly join in.

Secondly, in rural areas, the timing should coincide with the market days or weekends. The two occasions make people assemble in the shopping centers. The rest of the day’s people are busy on the farms. Hence pulling a crowd will be much more comfortable at such times.


The buy one gets one free is a good crowd puller. Or if it’s for a service, there is a free month subscription. Many people love saving an extra coin. With the announcement of freebies, the crowd will come to be winners.

Roadshows should be a task with attainable goals. The above will help in ensuring you pull a crowd together. To deliver to the prospect clients products and services on the wheel. The aim is to increase sales for the business or the company.